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At Arizona Tint, we provide energy saving technology along with 31 years of professional experience. We strive to create a positive and efficient installation experience while establishing long lasting connections with our community. Integrity is our priority, therefore giving you the best quality and service.

A little bit about our business

At Arizona Tint, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, seamless installation and a passion for what we do. When you use Arizona Tint, you can expect the best service and products. LLumar® and Vista™ window tints are the products we use to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We offer a wide range of services with a variety of colors and designs. At a fraction of the cost of expensive window replacement, we provide all of the same benefits at a price that better fits with your budget. If you have any further questions, please contact us!

Why choose us?

We take pride in our installation. Our team of professionals are detail-oriented, friendly, efficient and appreciative of your business. All LLumar and Vista commercial window films installed by Arizona Tint include a manufacturer’s warranty for up to 15 years. Give us a call if you’re interested in learning more about our warranties, including our 100% satisfaction guarantee.



Commercial, Decorative, Residential and Safety & Security Window Film Installation


Commercial window film attracts to many business owners and is ideal for any building in Salt Lake Valley for offices, apartment complexes, retail stores and public facilities.


Cut company costs – To correct temperature imbalances throughout your building, solar window film for businesses rejects 82% of incoming solar energy, therefore limiting your energy use.

Protect your business – UV rays can quickly fade your equipment, furniture and flooring and replacing equipment or design elements to your business can be expensive and inconvenient while maintaining a business. Installing window film is a preventative investment that pays off for your business in the long run.

Reduces glare – It can be very difficult to work on a computer when glare stands in your way.  LLumar and Vista block 87% of glare without obstructing the natural light employees love.

Professionalism and Attractive Design – The installation of our window tint designs create a uniform appearance and achieves a professional aesthetic.


Our decorative glass enhancement film puts a new spin on creativity, functionality and flexibility, allowing you to bring residential and commercial spaces to brilliant and beautiful light.


Colors and Designs– We offer decorative film in multiple colors and designs which makes it easy to incorporate creativity and modern design into your home or business.

Functionality – This film can be applied to doors, windows, mirrors or glass partitions which can add an element of privacy if it’s needed in a certain space.

Versatility – Decorative window film is infinitely changeable so you can stay on top of the latest interior design trends.


Our residential window film installation offers solar control to lower your monthly energy costs while maintaining the natural light and outdoor views.


Maintains temperatures – Residential window film provides control over high temperatures during the summer and helps insulate your home during the winter. Based on your home’s needs, we are here to help you choose the right film for your home.

Blocks UV rays – Our residential window film maintains your home’s interior and your skin by blocking 99% of harmful UV rays. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends LLumar and Vista window tint as a protective measure.

Visually Pleasing – LLumar and Vista window films are available in a variety of decorative designs and colors that will complement your personal style and add a unique flair to your home’s look.


We provide a safety and security window film that is made of a polyester compound that provides a transparent barrier holding glass in place from the moment of impact. This service provides a protective layer against any dangers that may threaten your safety to your home or business.


Dangerous flying shards – In the event of extreme weather, natural disasters or uncontrollable events, flying glass from broken windows can be a major concern. Our safety & security film holds the window in place, reducing the risk of personal injury and property damage from dangerous shards.

Forced entry and theft – Deter thieves with our transparent safety film, which is extremely difficult to penetrate – even with a bat, hammer or other tool or weapon.

Graffiti and tagging – If vandalism strikes your business, safety & security widow tint can easily be removed, taking graffiti along with it.

to schedulE a consultation WITH US OR ANSWER ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS, please contact us. We look forward to working with you!





  • Public Safety Building
    • Maverick Corporate Office
    • 1-800 Contacts Corporate Office
    • IRS Building
    • Davis County Jail
    • Wells Fargo Ogden
    • Cache County Jail
    • Williams Airforce
    • Intermountain Healthcare Building
    • South Jordan School District
    • Juab County Jail
    • Tooele County Jail
    • Provo School District
    • Weber County School
    • State Prison
    • Weber County Jail
    • National Guard Buildings
    • Salt Lake City International Airport
    • Vernal County Jail
    • Tab Bank Ogden
    • Big West Oil
    • University of Utah Hospital
    • Rehab Hospital University of Utah
    • Utah State University Business Building
    • Weber State University
    • Utah Valley University
    • Intermountain Health Care St. George
    • Provo Hospital
    • Bountiful Intermountain Healthcare Clinic
    • Logan City Police Department
    • Ivory Homes Center Lehi
    • Riverton Hospital
    • Provo Airport






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